Translation industry topics

There are many topics to explore that will provide the information you need to succeed in the localization industry.

From CAT tools and translation memory to terminology management and software localization, these subjects collectively define the cutting-edge advancements and strategies employed to elevate the translation process.

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Localization is the adaptation of content, a product or a service to meet the linguistic, cultural or functional needs of a different market.
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Translation management

Translation management is the automation of the translation process, delivering greater efficiency by eliminating repetitive manual tasks while enabling control.
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Translation collaboration

Translation collaboration unites translators, experts and other stakeholders to streamline projects, shorten timelines, enhance communication and meet deadlines in distributed teams.
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Translation productivity

Translation productivity optimizes stakeholder efficiency in localization, so that translators can meet their customers’ demands of workload, speed, quality and cost.
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Software localization

Software localization is the process of adapting software to both the culture and language of an end user.
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Linguistic AI

Linguistic artificial intelligence (AI) pertains to a subset of AI that focuses on enabling computers to understand, interpret, and generate human language.

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Internationalization is the design and development of an application using practices that simplify future localization efforts.
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Translation memory

A translation memory is a database that stores sentences, paragraphs or segments of text that have been translated before.
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Machine translation

Machine translation (MT) is the conversion of text from one language to another by a computer, with no human involvement.
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Translation alignment

Translation alignment is the process of creating translation memories by pairing segments of source content with the corresponding translated segments.
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Terminology management

Terminology management is the process of identifying, storing and managing company, customer or product terminology that needs to be translated in a specific way.
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CAT tools

Computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools provide a range of features to help translators convert the meaning of text from one language into another consistently and with speed.
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