Elevate Efficiency with AI-Enabled Features in Trados Studio 2022 Service Release 2 (SR2)

Daniel Brockmann 29 Nov 2023 6 mins read
Trados has been empowering translators to work at their peak productivity for almost 40 years. We've been there every step of the way, enabling you to benefit from the emergence of technologies like translation memories (TMs) and neural machine translation to cloud-based workflows. Now, a new technology is dominating the conversation – generative AI, which has recently swept the translation industry, sparking discussions about its impact.
As we recently pledged, we are committed to ensuring that the future is a place where translators can thrive and harness the potential of this new technology, as you have with previous emergent technologies. That's why we're offering free access to future AI capabilities that we will integrate into Trados Studio for those using the latest version. With Trados Studio 2022 SR2, we are releasing several Linguistic AI features to assist you in translating more intelligently. 
And beyond this, we have also addressed hundreds of issues, resolved dozens of customer tickets, and introduced numerous improvements and new features.

Designed for the future

The new AI features offer a range of functionalities that can assist you in various scenarios. These new capabilities include:
Smart Help: Accessed through Trados Copilot, your virtual assistant and the primary interface for engaging with our Linguistic AI, Smart Help swiftly and effortlessly assists you in finding solutions to your queries. Anyone who has ever struggled to find the right results in product documentation knows the importance of carefully choosing search terms. Now, you no longer need to worry. Just type your question, and Trados Copilot will use Linguistic AI to analyze questions, interpret the meaning, find the most appropriate results in the documentation, and provide direct links to the relevant documentation. 
Smart Review (early access release): With our Smart Review app, we prompt the Large Language Model (LLM) to serve as a linguistic reviewer, evaluating translation quality on a scale of 0 to 100 and providing rationale for the score though Trados Copilot. You can use the score to decide whether to assess segments in more detail. As you approve translations, we can use this data to help the LLM improve its evaluations over time. Please note, this is an early access release for Trados Studio Professional only. You will need to contact us to configure your Azure OpenAI subscription in Trados to use this feature. Soon, you'll be able to effortlessly add LLMs to the Trados cloud environment on your own.
Language Weaver: With Language Weaver, you can combine RWS’s neural machine translation (MT) with Linguistic AI. You receive 6 million characters per year of Language Weaver with Trados Studio. The Language Weaver app enhances your user experience by providing features beyond the default set. For instance, it includes language mapping, where language pairs are automatically aligned with your project settings. Additionally, there is the option to upgrade to adaptive language pairs through Language Weaver to capture your post-edits and automatically uses them as data for auto-adaptive language pairs, accelerating translations. 
Expanding LLM integration: You have more options to bring LLMs to Trados Studio through apps available for download from the RWS AppStore. In addition to the OpenAI Translator app for ChatGPT models, RYSTUDIO GPT Translation Copilot goes beyond ChatGPT by adding support for Google-PaLM, Claude-2-100k, Sage, and Llama-2. These apps act as translation companions, helping you refine your work and address a broader range of linguistic challenges, ultimately enhancing the quality of your translations.
With a list of predefined or custom prompts, you can do things like: 
  • Generate alternative translations for the current proposal 
  • Provide additional information about the source/target content
  • Adjust the tone of voice in a translation
  • Reduce the length of a translation
  • Avoid gender bias.
Updates for 3rd Party NMT providers: The DeepL Translation Provider app now allows you to improve consistency in terms or phrases across translation results. You can create new glossaries and import/export existing ones, making glossary management simpler across different databases and platforms. Additionally, we've introduced Custom Model support for Microsoft and Google Cloud MT providers. This feature enables you to seamlessly integrate custom machine translation models and fine-tune translations to align with your specific terminology, style, and content requirements.

Designed for however you work

In our Translation Technology Insights 2023 study, we discovered that the majority of users (68%) prioritize making technology easier to use, while only 7% express interest in new features. That’s why SR2 enhances existing functionalities to better support your evolving needs, an example of this is our continued development of the Manager View (Beta). This view consolidates multiple existing views into one intuitive location, providing a more unified approach to project, file and report management. The enhanced Manager View now includes the following features: 
  • Support for single-file projects: You can now manage single-file projects in addition to handling local Studio projects, packages, and GroupShare projects, completing support for both local and server-based projects. Compatibility with cloud projects will be coming next.
  • Integrated Reports View: Gain access to a single view for all project-related information, including data on how much leverage a translation memory (TM) is providing. 
  • Usability enhancements: Enjoy improved usability features such as project filtering and the ability to sort projects by name, number of words, and size.

Designed for wherever you work

With Trados Studio, the desktop seamlessly extends into the cloud, offering flexible options for translating, reviewing, and managing your projects. All new innovations and features delivered to the cloud are immediately available to you upon release. In fact, we've made 75 continuous updates to the online editor in the past couple of months. Excitingly, we're introducing support for voice dictation (Beta), which brings comprehensive improvements in both accessibility and productivity. In addition, we've introduced:
  • Quick Add Term, allowing you to add terms to a termbase swiftly, mirroring the functionality available in the desktop editor
  • Enhanced performance for typing, deleting, and overall navigation
  • Improved drag-and-drop functionality for text
  • Enhanced support for working with revisions and quality assessment
  • Improved input support for Asian characters (IMEs)
  • Better visualization of comments. 
To ensure that the desktop component of Studio remains a good companion to the cloud platform, we consistently strengthen their integration. With SR2, we continue this by introducing terminology verification in cloud projects, displaying entry-level fields in term recognition when using cloud termbases and supporting cloud resources with multiple source languages.

Designed for you

No matter where you are on your localization journey, whether you're a freelance translator, an LSP, corporation or government organization, you can trust that Trados has been designed with you in mind. We are always seeking new ways to enhance our offerings to support your success. With this goal in mind, we have continued to introduce new vision accessibility features with SR2. These features enable users with low vision to interact with all Studio commands via the ‘Ribbon’ while managing and translating a project, as well as navigate the ‘Open Package wizard’ and 'Create New Project wizard'. You now have the ability to use screen readers, such as JAWS, to read all the controls on the wizard, and voice control to fill in the required fields. We maintain a constant focus on accessibility, and more improvements will be introduced in future releases.

As you can see, we've introduced a wide range of features and enhancements in this release. Alongside Trados Studio 2022 SR2, we're also releasing the latest service release for MultiTerm 2022 to ensure maximum compatibility. What’s more, MultiTerm’s ribbon will also be accessible in this release.

To learn more about the new enhancements and features introduced in SR2 register for our upcoming webinar on 12 December.

If you're not using Trados Studio 2022 but want to benefit from these new features, now is the ideal time to upgrade your translation technology. And don't forget, Level 1 eLearning is included for every Studio 2022 customer to help you translate everything with Trados!

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